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Welcome to the Detail Formula,


Passion, the one thing that car guys and girls always possess. It's that last glance you take as the lights are switched off in the garage. It's the time you spend cleaning each individual wheel spoke, turning a 5 minute job into an hour job just to make them perfect. The hours and hours of researching car parts, products and watching YouTube videos. Car's come in many different shapes and sizes. Big, small, new, and old but they all have one thing in common. In the hands of the right people, cars don't just take us places, they become the journey.


My car journey began with a BMW 325i e30, my absolute pride and joy. When you have such a car you obsess over it. It fills your thoughts going over future plans of how to make it yours. Washing it is one of the first things you do. With my e30, it seemed that every weekend I ended up at Supercheap Auto. Trying every product on every shelf. From there, I progressed to online detailing stores, trying even more products. Whilst the journey is a great one, I cringe at some of the products and techniques I used initially.

Now that’s where the issue lies... When you first start taking care of your car, how do you know where to start? You look online or you head to an auto parts store. When you go to these places you are met with a massive wall of products, 50 different soaps that seem to do the same job. Now some of these products are fantastic, some not so much… But how are you meant to know?? That’s how our business, The Detail Formula, began. The Detail Formula allows you to miss the trial and error stage. With our formula of different products, how-to videos and an easy to use website, you will be able to achieve the best results from your car right from the beginning.


Our easy to use website is the difference maker when compared to other online car detailing stores. The easy navigation of the website allows you to simply decide if you wish to wash, polish, or protect your vehicle. Then select which area of the car you wish to detail. You will then be shown a “How To” video on the process and all the product’s will then be on the same page for you to purchase. Now you can start detailing your pride and joy the correct way, right away!

Image by Rhys Rainbow-McCormack
Image by redcharlie

We source our product’s from all over the world including the USA, China, South Korea, Australia, Germany and the UK. Right now the business is family run and operated. We hold inventory of all of our products which are shipped by my parent’s home in Tauranga, New Zealand.


Thank you for watching and joining us on this journey as we endeavour to create the best solutions to make our cars looks their absolute best. Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel where you can keep up to date with the latest products and news from The Detail Formula.


As always, if you wish to connect, share your story or simply chat about cars, my email is, flick me a message. I would love to hear from you. Always happy to engage and learn from you all.


Thanks for being with us, we hope you enjoy your stay and take as much information from this platform as we do.



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